Our Story

Mission Statement

At Get Healthy America! We strive to provide our customers with an extensive variety of tasty, high quality, distinctive gourmet diet foods that can easily be incorporated into a convenient and enjoyable healthy eating plan. 

Our Story

Get Healthy America, Inc. is a family owned business catering to the weight loss and dietary needs of our customers. We provide our customers with high quality distinctive gourmet diet foods that can easily be incorporated into a convenient and enjoyable healthy eating plan.

Get Healthy America was founded by Deborah Cohen aka ” The Diet Lady” in 1990. There were two inspirations for the creation of Get Healthy America, Inc. One came from a simple walk to the bus stop. As Debbie waited with her children for the bus to arrive one morning before school, a not so adorable child called her fat in front of everyone. His exact words were “Boy, your mommy is FAT!” Not only was Debbie embarrassed for herself she was embarrassed for her children as well. As Debbie walked back home from the bus stop with the insult still stinging her heart, she thought to herself “Who does that kid think he is? Her answer, He is right! She was FAT! Well, that was all the motivation Debbie needed to lose the weight she had been struggling with for most of her life.

Debbie, being the foodie she is had set out to find great tasting diet foods, that would support her new healthy lifestyle one meal at a time she told herself. What she found was that the readily available supermarket diet foods were nowhere near the gourmet quality and taste she was after. These diet foods were like eating a shoe topped with cardboard sprinkled with YUCK! In frustration Debbie asked herself the question “Are there any diet foods that taste good in America?” (Ding! Ding! Ding! Inspiration number two). This gave Debbie the idea to fulfill the need for, Healthy Specialty Gourmet Diet Foods that taste good, fit a variety of dietary lifestyles purchased in one place, delivered to your door at affordable prices. Get Healthy America, Inc. was born.

Today at Get Healthy America, Inc. we aim to provide our customers with a wealth of information about our products that are the most appropriate for their personal dietary needs. Get Healthy America, Inc. carries a wide variety of high quality Gluten Free, Low Cal, Low Carb, Vegetarian, Kosher and Paleo friendly frozen and fresh meals along with extensive lines of gourmet foods that can be incorporated into your unique dietary lifestyle. We make dieting easy and taste good.




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